Ariccia's Porchetta

The knowledge acquired throughout the years makes up a great asset, allowing the company to select the best and qualitatively superior pigs.

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Spreading quality since 1917.

The company was founded over 100 years ago and managed to grow throughout time, becoming a famous/notorious producer of Ariccia’s traditional porchetta


Ariccia’s porchetta has a thousand-years tradition. Given that they have been passed down from father to son across generations, the skill and expertise of producers play a crucial part in the creation of the good.

Cioli Egidio

Our Story

The history of Cioli Egidio is the tale of a contemporary business that is closely entwined with local customs, history and processing techniques. This business was established in 1917 and has since grown, producing the traditional Porchetta di Ariccia in accordance with a long-forgotten recipe that has been passed down from father to son for four generations. 

Cioli Egidio

Our Tradition

In Ariccia, a pleasant town in the Colli Albani in the province of Rome, Cioli Ovidio, father of Egidio, during his mandate as mayor, promoted and established in 1950 the first Sagra della Porchetta di Ariccia , which has since become the capital of Porchetta. The festival became part of the most important and rooted traditions of the territory.

Today, Ariccia is home to the modern, efficient facility for the manufacture of this traditional specialty. Thanks to a careful selection of fresh pork meat with national origin, this production is now carried out alongside other unique local delicacies of Lazio’s butchers.

Cioli Egidio

Staying Ahead of Times

Despite the fact that production techniques have been refined and technological progress has speeded up production times, all Cioli Egidio products are prepared according to the traditional artisanal methods in order to ensure the integrity and characteristics of the original recipes. Following the methods passed down by Egidio Cioli, only natural scents are utilized, such as garlic, rosemary, ground pepper, and salt, appropriately dosed with the wisdom that only a man’s hand can ensure.

An important factor in the one-by-one selection of pigs, fed with controlled and safe feed in line with EC standards and suited for the production of Porchetta and other products, is the experience and professionalism of the Cioli family, as well as its employees.