Ariccia’s famous couples are born from the long process of working the leanest parts of the pig, such as arista and fillet that, once cut into stripes and flavored, undergo the stewing process. Couples are characterized by a dark red color and are slightly spicy. Their origin can be traced back to the Roman tradition, providing an ancient recipe, as well as an ancient method for preserving meat. Today, couples are mainly used as snacks to be enjoyed during aperitifs or appetizers. A glass of fine red wine is their perfect match 


Ingredients: Pig arista from the EU, salt, spices, natural flavors, fennel seeds, chili pepper, antioxidants: E301, preservatives: E250. Nutritional declaration- average values for 100g of product. 

Energy Kj 998 Kcal 239
Fats 7,5 g
of which satured fat 2,9 g


1,1 g

Of which sugars 

1,1 g


41,56 g
Salt 4,9 g

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Weight 0,500 kg